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NIFT or National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) releases NIFT Exam Dates in October 2019. The Entrance exam usually conduct in January each year. Around 40,000 students take the NIFT exam each year to secure admission at Colleges accepting NIFT Scores and fill a total number of seats. Applicants beat the competition and clear the NIFT(National Institute of Fashion Technology) Entrance Exam must be acquainted with the NIFT syllabus when they plan to appear for this design entrance exam. Candidates should know that the curriculum for CAT and GAT is not the same. In GAT, the questions from quantitative ability, communication ability, English comprehension, leadership qualities, problem-solving approach, analytical & logical ability, general knowledge, and current affairs will ask. In CAT, design & discernment abilities, observation power, and creativity will assess. And More details to follow this page.

NIFT Exam Syllabus

 NIFT Entrance Exam syllabus not released on the official website However, We made a list of essential topics that aspirants should study the basics of the NIFT entrance exam. Necessary information related to the Syllabus for the entrance exam are mentioned below for the reference of the applicants: There are various courses available by NIFT University:

  • Course of Bachelor of Design (B. Des.)
  • Master of Design (M. Des.)
  • Bachelor of Fashion Technology (B. F. Tech.)
  • Master of Fashion Technology (M. F. Tech.)
  • Master of Fashion Management (MFM)

The criterion for admission to various courses mentioned above based on the written entrance exam, namely- GAT and CAT. The GAT will do for all PG and UG programs offered. Wherein CAT is to given for B. Des, M.Des. 

  • The Entrance exam will divide into two sections: CAT and GAT.
  • The main aim of CAT paper is to identify the ability, power of observation in concept development, and design ability of the applicants.
  • The Exam paper also identifies the creativity and innovative use of color and illustration skills of the applicants. 

Syllabus for NIFT 2020 GAT

The General Ability Test or GAT for B. Des. and M. Des. Consists of the following sections. Below mentioned are the topics from which the question paper of GAT will base:

  • Quantitative ability
  • Communication ability
  • English comprehension
  • Analytical ability
  • General knowledge and current affairs.

NIFT 2020 Exam syllabus for GAT description

  • Quantitative Ability: Applicant should possess the Quantitative Ability Section. The significant courses of testing in this section are Addition, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Percentage, Rate of Interest, Work and Task, Ratio, Proportion & Distance.
  • Communicative Ability section: The Aspirants will test on their communication skills and their use in day-to-day in English. This sub-category includes from Synonyms, Antonyms, Words with corresponding meanings, Singular, Plural, One-word Substitutes, Idioms and Phrases, Spelling correction.
  • English Comprehension section: The Applicant is tested on their reading abilities and comprehending abilities of a given situation in the given unseen passage. This section examines the primary English language skills through the questions based on the voyage.
  • Analytical Ability sub-section: The Section is designed to test the candidate’s capacity for the Ability of inference and logic from the given details. The Analytical picks up questions from the areas of logical reasoning where candidates are supposed to draw valid conclusions from the analytical reasoning questions.
  • General Knowledge and Current Affairs sub-section: As per the NIFT 2020 syllabus is designed to test the candidate’s general awareness and current affairs. The problems in this section are taken up from the current affairs sections and general knowledge.

The GAT test for B. F. Tech. MFM, M. Des. and M. F. Tech majorly the same sub-sections like the GAT for B. Des. and M. Des. There is a slight change section of this GAT are:

  1. Quantitative Ability
  2. Communication Ability and English Comprehension
  3. Analytical and Logical Ability
  4. General Knowledge and Current Affairs
  5. Case Study

The standard sub-sections have a similar syllabus as per the NIFT 2020 syllabus discussed above, while the Case Study sub-section is a new addition to this GAT. The Case Study is a test based on a situation industry environment that the student has to analyze and provide solutions for the questions. This test is designed primarily to test the managerial skills of the candidate.

NIFT Syllabus 2020 for CAT :

The CAT or Creative Ability Test is a test which is specially designed to judge and assess the Quantitative ability, the observation power of the candidate in terms of concept development and design ability. The primary motive of this test is to determine the creative and innovative use of color and illustration skills of the Aspirants. Applicants are required to work on their drawing skills and imagination Skiis to create new ideas by using different colors. Thie NIFT exam is conducted for the candidates giving the Bachelor of Design (B.Des.) or Master of Design (M.Des.) exam. While preparing for the NIFT CAT exam, candidates need to note that they will evaluate based on their creativity and illustration skills. Some aspects based on which candidates assess in NIFT Entrance Exam 2020 are as mentioned below:


Observation Power

Innovation in Development of a Concept

Design Ability

Innovative Use of Colours

Illustration Skills

 NIFT Exam syllabus is not released officially by the National Institute of Fashion Technology for NIFT CAT. However, by going through past years' question papers, We compiled a list of topics from which maximum questions will ask in the NIFT entrance exam. Aspirants can go through important issues to study while preparing for NIFT CAT below:

Design Theory

Colour Terminology

Inspiration & Design Development

Colour Psychology & Optical Illusions

Elements & Principles Of Design

Mood, Theme & Colour Inter-relationship

Natural & Geometrical Form

Innovation in Design

Principles of Composition

Creative thinking & writing

Optical Illusion

Understanding Light & Shade

Visual Logic

Form & Function

Colour, Pattern & Texture

Theme Development

Drawing Fundamentals

Picture Analysis

Memory Drawing

Inspiration & Creativity

Ornaments & motifs

Use of Measurements, Scale & proportions

Optical Illusion

Foreshortening & Perspective

Developing Themes & Colour Associations

Usage of Colour in Compositions

Imagination & Doodling

3D Visualisation

Presentation Techniques

Expression & Emotion

Exercises on imagination

Lateral Thinking

Story Pictures

Graphics & Pictograms

Innovation & Creation

Design Awareness

NIFT Syllabus 2020 for GAT

Some of the essential topics from which Students can expect questions in NIFT GAT exam (for all courses) of NIFT Entrance Exam mentions below: 




Quantitative Ability

To test the quantitative ability of candidates

Addition, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Percentage, Rate of Interest, Work and Task, Ratio and Proportion, Distance, etc.

Communication Ability and English Comprehension

To test the English language ability of candidates in day to day communication

Synonyms, Antonyms, Words with corresponding meanings, Singular, Plural, One word substitutes, Idioms and phrases, Correct spellings, Comprehend a situation from a given passage etc.

Analytical Ability and Logical Ability

To test a candidate’s capacity for inference and logic from the given information


To evaluate a candidate’s ability to identify the given problem and apply reasoning in solving the core issues of the problem

General Knowledge and Current Affairs

To test the general awareness and current affairs of candidates


NIFT Syllabus 2020 for Situation Test

The NIFT situation test will conduct for the shortlisted Applicants Study for B. Des. This test is a ‘hands-on’ test to evaluate the candidate’s skills for material handling and the innovative ability on a given set of material. This test is helpful for the assessment of the creative aspect of the candidate’s minds, and they shall be asked to prepare a model out of the given materials.

The model thus produced by the candidate would be evaluated based on Space visualization, innovative and imaginative use of the given materials, the composition of Elements, different color use, the imagination skills added by the candidate in constructing the model, the finesse of the model and the overall presentation and neatness of work. The write-up would check on the given parameters.

According to the NIFT Exam syllabus, the Applicants will require to be a creative mind. Situation test, for the NIFT Aspirants, is not allowed to get help from any other source. The NIFT Situation test evaluation depends on the construction and the overall presentation of the model made.

NIFT Situation Test is not a material handling test. In this Situation test, candidates are evaluated based on the below-mentioned parameters: 

Conceptualisation Skills

Aesthetic appeal

Colour scheme

Working methodology

Innovative ideas

Overall presentation

Composition of elements


Creative use of materials provided

 Group Discussion Syllabus for NIFT 2020

In the NIFT Exam Entries 2020 Group Discussion round candidates will be further shortlisted on the below-mentioned basis:

Conceptual clarity

Knowledge of the topic assigned

Contribution made to the topic

Interpersonal skills

Ability to generate new ideas

Problem solving approach

Leadership qualities

Effective communication

Personal Interview Syllabus for NIFT 2020

The parameters based on which candidates will judge in particular interview round conducted for NIFT admissions is listed below: 

Career orientation

Aptness for the field

Good Communication Skills

General awareness and aptitude

Overall personal achievements in academics and co-curricular activities

Creative and lateral thinking 

Applicants perform well in the NIFT Entrance Exam 2020, and Aspirants Should prepare well for each Course of the Entrance Exam conducted for NIFT Entries. Sample Papers play an essential role in the NIFT Entrance Exam preparation. The articles listed below will help you in learning valuable tips to crack the NIFT Entrance Exam 2020

NIFT Sample Papers 2020

Test takers of NIFT should download the sample papers of NIFT 2020, which is provided by the National Institute of Fashion Technology. NIFT 2020 sample papers for B.Des and B.FTech entrance exam can easily download from the official Website Solving the sample papers gives a fair idea about the actual entrance test and boosts the confidence level.

NIFT 2020 Recommended Books

Books are the primary source of preparation. They are advised to go through the following books to cover every topic of the syllabus and perform well in the exam. 

Name of the Book

Name of the Author

NIFT, NID and IIFT Entrance Exam Guide

D Mittal

NIFT, NID/ IIFT Admission Test

By Surendra Kavimandan

Guide to NIFT/ NID for Group A, B and C

R.P. Datson

NIFT Entrance Exam Mock Papers

D Mittal

NIFT entrance examination preparation course

Prashant Kumar

NIFT/ NID/ IIFT entrance examination guide


Self Study Guide – NIFT 10 Mock Papers


NIFT Entrance Exam





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